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  Unique project not only in Slovakia!

Dancing giant puppets!

 Pohoda festival 2018, MAREK JANČÚCH | PHOTOGRAPHER

  Pohoda festival 2018, MAREK JANČÚCH | PHOTOGRAPHER 


  • For amusement of kids as well as adults. 
  • Suitable for parades, processions or other outdoor events. (For indoor events, the height of the ceiling must be at least 4 meters). 
  • Great for making your event more spectacular.
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                                                            Two dancoing puppet and two puppeteers.


Two puppets on their own or accompanied by live music Funny Fellows


Inspired by afro-american processions in New Orleans. 


The project was founded with support of the Bratislava region.

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28/07/2019 16:00

About the horribly beautiful princess, 

 Divadielka pod vežou, Trenčín (SK)
29/07/2019 10:00

LiLi - play for toddlers, 

 Town Library, Piešťany (SK)
03/08/2019 14:15

Výlet do renesancie, 

 Festival Končiny, Mojtín