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Easy to say

From 2y.

And take care of your little sister…. Easy to say!

Where are they so long? Where do the babies com from? And the belly? And stork? …. Easy to say…

Fortunately the play is an answer. Ergo, until the parents don't return with… little brother? little sister? Easy to say. 


Bafoonery of two siblings who can't fall asleep. They decide to find everything that can be hide in a duvet. They are also looking for an answer to a question: Were do the babies come from? Fortunately the play is an answer to everything and in the end, two siblings will maybe discover if there will be another sis or bro coming home.

The performance is kinetic and appeal on imagination. The length of the performance is 35 min. and after the show, the state properties are accessed to the children.

Creative Team: 

Cast: Sidónia Féderová, Šimon Králik

Stage design: Mária Bačová

Script: Sidónia Féderová, Gabriel Fusko, Lucia Lasičková

Director: Lucia Lasičková

Technical requirements:

  • Sound and music after a agreement
  • Stage 4x4m, ideally a carpet of some other non-slip surface
  • Dressing room
  • One parking spot 

WE attended these festivals:

  • Bábková Žilina 2015 – Puppet Theatere Žilina
  • Summer with children 2016 – Puppet theatre Ostrava