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From 3y.

Historic theater from 14th to 16th Century.


Princesses have their fate set long ago. They just have to be wed to a prince. Sometimes it is complicated by the dragon or boring waiting in the tower, but otherwise it is clear as a crystal. But what if the princess is so unappealing that all the princes are afraid of her? And nobody wants her? Well, that's just a royal problem. Eh, to hell with it...

A story for all generations, witch entertains both children and adults.

The show is exhibited on the puppeteer principles of the street theater from the 14th to 16th centuries. It takes about 35 minutes, and after the end, you can peek behind the scenes and try out the puppets.

Depending on your requirements, the performance may be adjusted to periods:

Gothic, Renaissance, Early Baroque.

Creative team: S. Féderová, V. Bekárek, M. Feldbauer

Technické požiadavky:

  • Performing space 3x3m to 4x4m
  • One parking spot
  • Place to dress and store our personal belongings