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How Tony was looking for the notes

For children from 3y


The length of the performance is 50 minutes or 70 minutes with a break.

Cheerful musical fairytale about searching for friends and songs, with sailing the river to the city of Prešpork (old name for Bratislava). In Prešpork there is a radio broadcast and songs about friendship of our pals will be played on the concert. The dog Tony will find marry songs, which will be sung together with the children and adult spectators throughout the performance. Musical instruments will be introduced, such as trumpet, violin, suzafon, clarinet, accordion or even saxophone and drum with a cymbal. We will learn how to speak dog language and we will laugh at all sullen grouches :-) Come to the theater to look for the tones with our Tony and his friends.
Looking forward to you: Dog Tony, Dog Marek, Dog Dano, Dog Palo and Dog Milan.

Acting: Roman Féder and Funny Fellows 

Script: Roman Féder 

Lyrics: L.Zeman, Werich and Voskovec, R. Féder

Director: Roman Féder


  • One microphone
  • Space 6x5m
  • Dressing room
  • One parking space
  • Theater lighting
  • 4 chairs