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About postman Vinco

From 3y.

Happy fairy tale with songs for three and more years old children.


Kids will have fun and will also join story, they will learn something about the mail and the post office. They will experience adventure with the postman Vinco and meet the rabbit, the wich and the dwarves.

The story lasts from 50 to 70 minutes - according to the age of the children and the requirements. It's not demanding on space or scene and we always agree on a good price.

Performing Roman Féder and his ancient bicycle with a beautiful bell - to know when the beginning and the end will be. 

Technical requirements:

  • Sound: 1 microphone
  • Theater lighting, not required for a show in the exterior.
  • A wooden floor is appropriate
  • Dressing room
  • One parking spot


vinco2 vinco3 vinco4