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Medard's Fairy Tales

For children from 3y


The length of the show is 45 minutes

Medard's fairy tales are the work of Vincent Šikula, who, with his fantasy, created Medard's character with colorful umbrellas and cheerful spirit. This is because no rain should be sad and the children would enjoy even when it rains and is bit cooler weather. Colors and music are essential in this performance because it is the most important thing that chreates with Medard a beautiful world full of droplets. If you want to join the show bring your Wellingtons :-)

Technical requirements:

  • One microphone
  • Space 6x5m
  • Dressing room
  • One parking space


medardoverozpravky1 medardoverozpravky2 medardoverozpravky3 medardoverozpravky4 medardoverozpravky5 medardoverozpravky6 medardoverozpravky7