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Saint Katharine feast


We cordially invite you to the dance and concerts of Katarina's entertainment. An energetic program of three outstanding musical bodies: BANDA, Funny Fellows and Pressburger Klezmer Band will complement our dancing group TRASORITKY.

The whole evening will be accompanied by Sidi.

Regional specialties, good wine and cheerful mood.

Tickets to: marketing@funnyfellows.eu


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24/04/2019 10:00

LiLi and a flower, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK) booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com 
24/04/2019 15:30

LiLi and a flower , 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK) booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com
01/05/2019 16:00

Easy to say, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK)