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In 2004, the musicians from Funny Fellows formed a musical performance for children, which later became a successful fairy tale as Tone searched for tones. Roman Féder adapted the classical fairy tale of V. Orlov the Golden Chick, which he studied as an actor and author of the music of the Trnava Theater in 1993 and had more than 125 repetitions. In Feder Teater, her musical version was more colorful and with new songs.

From the beginning the theater consists mainly of musical fairy tales and concert programs for children. Music and humor are not missing in the following titles: Nicholas and Star, About postman Vincent, Medard's Fairy Tales, Steamboat, Tralala Bum.

The theater present itself at the domestic theater as well as abroad.

Today, members of Funny Fellows and actors Roman Féder, Sidonia Féderová, Viera Farbiaková, Vojtech Bekárek and others perform in the performances.