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D.I.Y.: Didaskalia of one little girl


D.I.Y.: Didaskalia of one little girl (12+)

The puppet project by Maria Bačová, Sidi Féderová and Peter Tilajčík.

,I prefer watching the world with closed eyes. I concentrate listening how the world is slowly and inconspicuously changing. Although most of all I will understand later, it does not stop me from having my ears always set.’ - One little girl

The play tells a short story of a fundamental change in life. It conveys audiences through sounds and images. Instead of exact words, it tries to create an atmosphere and offer space for identification.


The length of the show is about 30 minutes

VŠMU, Zochova 1, Bratislava, 3rd floor d.no. 76

Admission is voluntary.


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24/04/2019 10:00

LiLi and a flower, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK) booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com 
24/04/2019 15:30

LiLi and a flower , 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK) booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com
01/05/2019 16:00

Easy to say, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK)