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Lili has some news!


Friends, today is that day. Something ends, but something new starts. For more than 2 years we have been LiLi, Sidi and Vierka. But now LiLi - Janka is comeing.

Why? For life is a change, life is a challenge, life is an adventure. And we believe LiLi (albeit a little different) will still be full of love and friendship. That wherever she comes, she will give joy.

We want the courage for new Vierka's life adventures. And for Janka? We wish for her courage to new adventures with LiLi.

And adventures is coming. Because we are planning a new performance for the youngest. LiLi and the flower!

Are you looking forward?


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23/06/2019 10:00


 9. Puppet Festival Modra, Small Hall KD (SK)
23/06/2019 14:00

About the horribly beautiful princess, 

9. Puppet Festival Modra, Park KD (SK)