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42. Mohelnica's stagecoach - Festival of tramp and folk music

Our "Horribly Beautiful Princess" will go to Mohelnica city to please all tramps, both little and big.
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Photo from Pohoda 2017

Saturday morning was beautiful with You. We have proof ...
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Pohoda festival 2017

We will play LiLi - batolárium at Pohoda festival 2017 with our pleasure!
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Traditional retinue of Jihlava city

We will come to the Jihlava. We will play our story ABOUT THE HORRIBLY BEAUTIFULL PRINCESS at the square. Because the square is traditional place where puppeteers play...
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Vinco will come to the Most pri Bratislave

Postman Vinco will bring every shipment straight to Most pri Bratislava.
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The Military History Festival at Helfštýn and our Princess

20.-21.5.2017 we stopped at the castle Helfštýn and we amuse not only to children but also to adult visitors of the great and unique festival Helfštýn.
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13/12/2018 10:00

LiLi and the flower, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK)  booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com 
13/12/2018 15:30

LiLi and the flower, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka (SK) Booking: lili.batolarium@gmail.com
26/01/2019 16:00

About the horribly beautiful princess, 

 EDUdrama, Nová Cvernovka  booking: federteater@gmail.com